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Britain’s good intentions, however, raised suspicions among the other superpowers, who proposed to send a fact-finding commission to investigate the political sentiments of Somalis. 8Long before the so-called Bevin Plan, sentiments of uniting Somali territories, including the British and Italian Somalilands, eastern Ethiopia, northeastern Kenya and Djibouti, were advocated by various Somali political figures. Politicians such as Ali Bahdon Buh, a charismatic leader from Djibouti, and others had been fighting for some forms of Pan-Somalism in the 1930s. His party, Al Khairya, one of the few parties in place at the time, had a reasonably coherent Pan-Somali platform. But it was only in the late 1940s that Somalis were able to channel their political aspirations into formal and legal organizations, when they were granted permission to form political parties by the British.

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Africa is in the whole treated as the silent imaginary interlocutor, except for a few passages on Sierra Leone and Liberia – two nations founded for the resettlement of the freed Afro-Americans. 2 The idea that black experiences can be only framed within the Atlantic space is problematic. Second, Gilroy’s anti-nationalism overlooks how African musicians, for example, while reappropriating Afro-American artistic expressions and styles, incorporate nationalist projects into their artistic productions. As the Gacan Macaan case will illustrate, cultural productions that draw inspiration from beyond their own borders can also be used to support nationalist projects. 6Writing roughly on the same subject as Gilroy, Jean-Loup Amselle, an Africanist, also examines cultural processes in his seminal work Branchements: Anthropologie de l’universalité des cultures (2001).

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27 While these youths had little chance of transforming their artistic capital into a profitable career, the emergence of soul music was symbolically representative of a relative shift in sensibilities. Although most musicians never left the country, Djiboutian soul artistic producers Afro-Americanized the country’s popular music through their exposure to programs such as Soul Train, and to Kenyan soul through Somali-Kenyan Slim Ali, who performed with Filsan band in Djibouti’s famous venues, Les Salines and Cinéma Le Paris. 28 Guux is the sound that camel makes when approaching the water.

Within a postmodern perspective, the author argues that black studies should move away from ideas of nationalism and “ethnic absolutism” to focus on “intercultural” and “transnational” dimensions – although the book’s argument draws partly on W. E. B. DuBois’ notion of “double consciousness”, which elucidates how Blacks in America struggle with America’s mainstream identity model. To Gilroy, cultural studies, in general, is fixated with what he calls “cultural insiderism”. Gilroy suggests: Regardless of their affiliation to the right, left, or centre, groups have fallen back on the idea of cultural nationalism, on the overintegrated conceptions of culture which present immutable, ethnic differences as an absolute break in the histories and experiences of “black” and “white” people (1993: 2).

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Said Hamargod (Abdo’s older brother) (... ) 27A mix of soul and Somali influence guided the artistic experience of the talented and the most soulful of all Djiboutian singers, Abdo Hamargod. According to Gerdon, Abdo, who was one of the few musicians who succeeded in crossover musical experiences, combining elements of style and thematic content from both musical traditions, Afro-American and Djiboutian. Hamargod was not, however, the only singer who took advantage of Afro-American music’s malleability.

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The new anti-Pan-Somalism political mood that he articulated had significant impact on the regional politics of the Somali territories, particularly Djibouti, a country where some segments of the population had strong affinities with their kin in Somalia. In the final sections of this chapter, I consider how Qays’ critique of Pan-Somalism helped to turn the tides towards a new form of nationalist discourse in the nearly-independent French colony. 18 This section does not cover the equally significant sounds and expressions of the Afaar and Arab ar (...

Naturally, it is only the poet who can set out to prove many of the institutions society holds dear are illegitimate. In the past, there simply have been no literate “intellectuals”14 who interpreted Somalis’ rich imaginaries as intelligently as Salaan Arrabay, Ali Dhuh, Qamaan Bulhan, Abdi Qays, Hadraawi, Abdi Idaan, Gaariye, Ibraahim Sheikh Saleban Gadhleh, Aden Farah, Hassan Ilmi or Ali Suguleh, just to name a few. 15 19In response to the social and political upheaval of the era, from the late 1960s modern critical poetry took unconventional paths, aiming its bile at Pan-Somalism, an ideology essentially based on anti-clan universalism fossilized by various Somali regimes, on which the entire post-colonial projected relied for meaning. Somalis were uneasy about how best to approach the idea of Pan-Somalism.

With their bellbottoms, Afro hairstyles and platforms shoes, youth soul bands such as Filsan (Somali), Iglumao25 (Afar), and Harlem Soul26 (diverse), among others, emerged in the native ghetto quarters of the colonial city. Formed in the 1970s, Filsan (which included lead guitarist Almis Haid, rhythmic guitarist Jama Haid, and drummer Omar Gerdon) exemplified the musical mood of this era. Although Filsan was mostly playing soul music, the band was able to appropriate Afro-American music to produce a distinct mix of Djiboutian music genres and Afro-American soul.

23 With the French presence in Djibouti, youth had relatively better access to Western cultural sounds and materials – musical instruments, recordings – than their peers in Hargeysa (Somali Republic) and Diredawa24 (Ethiopia). In addition, as imported Afro-American pirated tapes flooded the market via Djiboutians who visited France, Djibouti developed into a major centre of the cassette duplication industry, making the city a leading musical hub to the growth in popularity for Afro-American music in the region This aspect heavily influenced the distinctive sound of Djiboutian popular music.

) 26The Djiboutian soul scene consisted mostly of Westernized men, who embraced Afro-American popular music and laid the artistic groundwork for the emergence of the genre. In contrast with local genres composed mainly of male musicians from modest families, the soul scene consisted of youth from more affluent families. In the context of the 1970s Djibouti scene, the conspicuous absence of female musicians in soul music reflected the male dominated space of popular music in both private and public performances.

Pan-Somalist Discourse and New Modes of Nationalist Into this era of social and political upheaval Gacan Macaan, the most influential art and music band in Djibouti, was born. From its establishment in

From the 1960s, Somali artists and musicians explored the tension between the past and the present in unprecedented ways, beginning to unpack Somalis’ infatuation with the ideology of Pan-Somalism and their unwillingness to renounce irredentist views of the region. I will argue that these poetic interventions altered the balance of discursive power in the region, obliging Djibouti’s vibrant and creative artistic community to rethink its position to capture this mutation. Gacan Macaan, Djibouti’s most popular band of the 1970s and 1980s, serves as a case study of how these shifts became manifest. 2The first section of this chapter sets the theoretical stage by outlining certain features of Gilroy’s Black Atlantic and Amselle’s Branchements relevant to the analysis of Somalis’ artistic productions.

4. Le théâtre somali de Djibouti des années 80 31 mars 2022 — La pièce d'Ibrahim Gadhle Geeri Guur u horseed ah !, « Un deuil qui tout un peuple vers la dernière ligne droite avant

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