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[[LIVE TV<<<]''''] Sweden VS Turkey live free 18 August 2023

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Why Quran Burning Is Making Sweden and Denmark So AnxiousSweden is expected to raise its terror threat level following a spate of Quran-burning incidents in recent months that has sparked anger in Muslim-majority countries, Dagens Nyheter reported on Thursday. The terror threat level will rise from three to four on a five-point scale, which implies a "high" threat. The decision comes just days after two men at the heart of a months-long debate over Quran burning set the Islamic holy book aflame on Monday outside Stockholm's Royal Palace. Salwan Momika, 37, and Salwan Najem, 48, burned a copy of the Quran as counter-protesters called for them to “extinguish their hate. ” Sweden and its Nordic peer Denmark have been grappling with how to address what some see as an act of protected free speech and others a symbol of religious hatred and xenophobia.

Both countries have abolished their centuries-old blasphemy laws in recent years. In 2017, Denmark abolished the blasphemy provision in the Danish Penal Code after a vote in parliament. “Even before it was abolished, this law had already been used extremely restrictively… and, for instance, did not prevent even more controversial forms of religious criticism, such as the caricatures of the prophet Muhammad that were printed in Denmark’s biggest newspaper Jyllands Posten in 2005, ” says DIIS's Krause. But Krause adds that some speech remains prohibited in Denmark, including burning other countries' flags, openly supporting terrorism, or insulting the monarch.

Mohammad Fazlhashemi, a professor of Islamic theology and philosophy at Sweden’s Uppsala University, tells TIME that these videos can appear to legitimize the views of a tiny minority. “It is taken as proof that the reason for this is the widespread Islamophobia in Sweden, ” Fazlhashemi says. “For them, it does not seem to matter that Sweden's Foreign Minister Tobias Billström condemns the Quran burnings and describes them as an expression of Islamophobia. ” Fazlhashemi adds that while the government does not endorse these attitudes, various political leaders have expressed contempt for the religion.

In July, two members of the ultranationalist group Danske Patrioter, or Danish Patriots, live-streamed their own Quran-burning in front of the Iraqi embassy in Copenhagen. Earlier this month, members of the group also burned copies of the Quran and chanted anti-Islam slogans outside the embassies of Turkey, Algeria, Pakistan, Iran, and Indonesia. What are Sweden and Denmark's laws around Quran-burning? Denmark and Sweden have laws that prohibit hate speech, but many argue that there is a line between attacking a faith and attacking observers of that faith. “We have laws against inciting racial hatred, but according to the currently dominant interpretation, it seems that they do not apply to symbolic attacks against religions, " says Mattias Wahlström, a professor of sociology at Sweden's University of Gothenburg.

The Danish government has suggested it would be open to reforming the laws around Quran-burning. Sweden abolished its blasphemy laws in the 1970s and freedom of expression has been “strongly protected” in the Swedish constitution, Wahlström says. “Any public protest enjoys protection from the constitution, even in situations where there is no prior demonstration permit. ” Sweden’s government has said it has no legal recourse to prevent further Quran-burnings. But officials say they will consider reforms to Sweden’s Public Order Act that would enable police to stop Quran burnings if there is a clear threat posed to national security. Is Islamaphobia on the rise? The number of people who are burning copies of the Quran remains small. But the sharing of videos and livestream footage of such incidents has given them outsized attention.

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